Line6 - Spider II 15 combo 15w

Line6 - Spider II 15 combo 15w


Codice Art.: 120220
Marca: Line6

The line 6 spider II 15 combo amp - the insane youngest brother in the spider II series - is loaded with killer features in a smaller 15w package. 4 massive amp models, including line 6 insane, are right at your fingertips so you can easily dial-in and save the sounds of your favorite bands. The spider II 15 also features built-in effects including phaser, chorus, flanger, tremolo, sweep echo, tape echo, distortion boost, and noise gate, an 8" custom-designed speaker, tap tempo, headphone jack, and more.
Scheda tecnica:
- 15w - 8" speaker - 4 amp models from clean to insane - 7 smart control effects (up to 3 simultaneous) including: tape echo, standard delay, sweep echo (all with tap tempo), chorus/flanger, phaser, tremolo, reverb - headphone out