Crown - Pzm-6d

Crown - Pzm-6d


Codice Art.: 15180
Marca: Crown

The pzm (pressure zone microphone) is ideal for recording critical music or voices. a smaller plate makes the pzm-6d more inconspicuous than its pzm-30d counterpart, while performance is the same. ideal for mounting on clear panels overhead or on a piano lid. the microphone offers switchable dual-frequency "rising" or "flat" response. miniaturized electronics found in the pzm-6d's xlr-type connector housing are attached to the mic via a 12-foot mini cable. features: · pressure zone microphone design prevents coloration from surface sound reflections · choice of flat response or rising high frequency response · smaller, lighter than the pzm-30d, and has a permanently attached cable · hemispherical pickup pattern
Scheda tecnica:
Specifications: · type: pressure zone microphone. · transducer: electret condenser. · frequency response: 20 hz to 20 khz. · polar pattern: hemispherical when used on a floor, wall or ceiling. · open circuit sensitivity: 7 mv/pa (–43 db re 1 volt/pa). · power sensitivity: –43 db re 1 mw/pa. eia sensitivity –135 dbm. · impedance: 240 ohms, balanced. recommended minimum load impedance 1000 ohms. · self-noise: 20 db equivalent sound pressure level, a-weighted. · s/n ratio: 74 db at 94 db spl. · maximum sound pressure level: 150 db spl at the microphone produces 3% thd. · polarity: positive pressure on the diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3 of the output connector. · operating voltage: phantom power, 12 to 48 volts dc, positive voltage on pins 2 and 3 with respect to pin 1 of the output connector. · current drain: 1.1 ma. · connector: male 3-pin xlr-type. · cable: permanently attached 15-foot (4.58-m) black cable with xlrm connector. · switch: frequency-response select switch for rising or flat response. · color: black. · weight: 6.5 ounces (184 grams). · dimensions: · dimensions: 3 in x 2.5 in. x .375 in. (7.62 cm x 6.35 cm x .95 cm). · included accessories: pzm windscreen, carrying pouch.