Reference - Cavo di potenza per diffusori [RPC13] - a metraggio

Reference - Cavo di potenza per diffusori [RPC13] - a metraggio

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Codice Art.: 168252
Marca: Reference

The RPC Speaker Series feature a variety of different configurations to guarantee the best achievable performance from standard applications to the most critical ones.
Designed for amplifier to loudspeaker connections, the RPC cables can really make the difference when maximum power transfer, superior sonic transparency, and mechanical reliability are essential.
Typical applications: studio installation, sound reinforcement, distributed speaker systems.
Scheda tecnica:
  • AWG# / Area Strand: 2 x 1,5 (AWG15) 29 x 0,25 red cop. 
  • Conductor D.C.R. [Ω/m]: <14,0
  • Jacket: FlexPVC flame resistant
  • Insulation resistance [MΩ/Km]: >100
  • Working temp. range [°C]: -30/+70
  • Size [mm]: 7
  • Weight [Kg/100Mt]: 8,5

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