Vht - Deliverance D120h testata

Vht - Deliverance D120h testata

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Codice Art.: 193011
Marca: Vht

Simple to operate, yet retaining trademark vht sound and dynamic range, the deliverance series represents a major departure from the trend of multi-featured multi-channel amplifiers. with classic brit styling and a straightforward front panel control set, deliverance is unusually versatile and absolutely inspiring from the moment you plug in. the deliverance front panel features include input, gain i/voicing, gain ii/overdrive, master volume, treble, middle, bass, presence and depth controls, as well as a standby switch and the vht signature emerald green mains power switch. a single mini-toggle switch offers “less” or “more” gain. the rear panel includes two speaker outputs, a three-position impedance selector switch, ac input and ground switch. a beautifully made, heavy-duty black vinyl slipcover is available.