Roger Mayer - Concorde   treble booster

Roger Mayer - Concorde treble booster


Codice Art.: 194084
Marca: Roger Mayer

The Concorde Treble Booster is housed in the new Vision Series enclosure design and uses both silicon and germanium transistors in a unique configuration to obtain the best tone qualities from the marriage. When I first started designing pedals in 1961 I produced a Treble Booster that was tried and used by my friends including Jimmy Page who then played in local bands. The circuit configuration I used was a standard textbook example but required careful attention to biasing and selection of transistors to obtain the best from this simple circuit. There were many subsequent commercial versions produced in the 1960's of this type of circuit that followed after the time I first designed mine and now I have designed and produced a much more flexible and enhanced version of my early design. The modern clones produced today of the ultra simple 1960 type treble boosters lack in flexibility and in my opinion are of very limited use. The Concorde however departs from the clones and uses a unique approach of combining a low noise class A silicon drive circuit with passive tone shaping to drive a fully optimised germanium treble booster. This results in giving the simple circuit new life and explores its sonic boundaries to the maximum. It is now possible to add drive and distortion with EQ before the treble booster section .It is also possible to set the silicon drive section to drive the treble booster section much harder than any guitar pickup could ever do without any added distortion but with the added feature or having EQ prior to the treble booster. So if you want the qualities of soft germanium type distortion overload characteristics that this circuit will produce or you want to explore the more radical germanium distortion possibilities the Concorde will oblige. The front panels controls of Drive, Tone and Output control the many tone variations and brings the humble treble booster forward to the future.
The Concorde comes in a brand new enclosure design with many added extras to help the modern musician. Many players demand a package that is more modern, flexible and pedal board friendly and will welcome the additional features.