Yamaha - C20a
Yamaha - C20a

Yamaha - C20a


Codice Art.: 224170
Marca: Yamaha

The c20a digital crossover network features a 1-in/3-out configuration with high-frequency, low-frequency, and super-low-frequency outputs so a subwoofer can be added as required. "room condition" mode offers "dead", "normal", and "live" settings that adjust overall response for optimum sound in the corresponding room conditions. "stacking" eq provides four settings that attenuate the low frequency output to compensate for the bass boost that often occurs in stacked speaker systems. the "distance" mode boosts the high frequencies to compensate for the high-end loss. delay times can be set from 0 milliseconds up to 1.3 seconds in 20-microsecond increments for each of the c20a's three output channels.the c20a also includes compressors on the high and low-frequency channels, with programmable threshold, compression ratio, attack and release parameters. proprietary 18-bit delta-sigma conversion technology provides a dramatic improvement in dynamic range, and significantly enhances low-level signal performance over the more common pcm conversion method. preset programs designed to match a number of standard system configurations. several user memory locations are also provided. a number of access modes are provided - variable (complete access to all parameters), protect (limited access), and lockout (no access). further versatility is provided by a midi interface that allows remote program selection and program up/down loading.