Marantz - [PMD671] Registratore digitale
Marantz - [PMD671] Registratore digitale

Marantz - [PMD671] Registratore digitale


Codice Art.: 2964
Marca: Marantz

Marantz Professional's PMD671 for one-touch, non-stop, PC-compatible recording. Marantz Professional unveils a new, upgraded portable recorder, the Marantz PMD671. This solid state device can record audio files to affordable and widely available Microdrives or Compact Flash cards with just the flip of a switch. Designed for compatibility with MP3, MP2, BWF and WAV formats, the Marantz PMD671 boasts an impressive 40 assignable quality settings as well as a File Allocation Table (FAT32) for future multi-gigabyte file capability. Features include: non-stop recording with 6 hours of battery life; menu-driven remote operation; and an EDL marking system for creating new files on-the-fly during recordings for easy file selection during playback.
Scheda tecnica:
  • 24-bit/96 kHz capable for High Fidelity Recording
  • USB 2.0 interface for fast file transfers
  • Future Enhancements such as Optional Timecode Control for Synchronization
  • Auto Track Mode with Programmable Time
  • Read after Write feature allows monitoring of recorded audio
  • User programmable presets
  • New easy to read bright blue backlit display screen
  • Built-in condenser microphone
  • Third Head monitoring
  • XLR Balanced Mic/Line inputs with Enhanced preamps and 48v phantom power
  • Compatible with the new Marantz RC600 remote control