Fender - Cyber deluxe

Fender - Cyber deluxe

Punti 202


Codice Art.: 29868
Marca: Fender

The new cyber-deluxe is a dream come true for nay guitarist. it's got gig-worthy power, tons of high-quality tones and effects, and versatile studio and stage patching capabilities, yet you can fit it in the back seat of your car! the cyber-deluxe's 16 amp collection presets and 16 custom shop presets are stored permanently, and another 32 presets are user-rewritable for a total of 64 presets. a complete palette of dsp effects with mono and stereo patching capabilities is at your command. the all-analog preamp internally configures itself before or after the tone controls to create real feel and tones, from tweed and blackface, through british and modern. dsp effects like delay and chorus are placed post distortion in the signal path, while other effects like touch wah are pre-distortion for unparalleled flexibility. the cyber-deluxe's mono operation can be expanded to stereo! simply plug the expander output into any other guitar amplifier (a princeton 65 or deluxe 90 is ideal), match volumes with the expander level control, and enjoy the full dimension of stereo effects like vibratone and panning delay. as with all cyber series amps, the patented virtual tone interpolation circuitry internally reconfigures the basic signal building blocks for superb real amp tone. features 64 presets 16 reverbs with level and parameter edit controls 16 modulation effects with level and parameter edit controls 16 delay types with level and parameter edit controls programmable noise gate and compressor midi digital tuner speaker emulated stereo line outputs 4-button quick access preset footswitch included