Apogee - MINIDAC
Apogee - MINIDAC

Apogee - MINIDAC

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Codice Art.: 367862
Marca: Apogee

Mini-DAC is the ultimate portable and compact solution for studio playback, reference monitoring, FireWire connectivity to your DAW (optional), and premium home audio systems offering professional quality 192kHz D/A conversion. In addition to outstanding conversion quality, the optinal Mini-DAC FireWire features “Digital Thru Mode” where non-FireWire devices can be connected to your DAW using MIni-DAC’s input options such as AES, Optical and S/PDIF. Are you using a massive mixer just to ride your monitor levels? Or do you have a great A/D but inferior D/A? With comprehensive level control and a high quality headphone output, Mini-DAC allows you to hear exactly what you are committing to a recording. Mini-DAC also provides the optimum stereo image and the most faithful analog reproduction of your carefully recorded digital audio that money can buy.
Scheda tecnica:
INPUTS: *2 x AES-EBU on 9 pin D-Type (breakout cable to two female XLR-3 required) * handling sample rates: 44.1k-192k single-wide and 88.2 k–192k double-wide. *S/PDIF optical on TOS-LINK 44.1/48k *S/PDIF coaxial on RCA 44/1-192k *ADAT 44/1-48k *ADAT/SMUX II for 88/2/96k *ADAT/SMUX IV for 176.4/192k *Optional FireWire card OUTPUTS: *1/8” jack for consumer-level stereo (standard 1/8” to RCA cable required) also able to drive headphone’s *1/4” jack headphone *Optional FireWire card SPECS: *Output level xlr’s: 24dBu max (internally or externally adjustable) ultra low impedance, high current drive balanced outputs. *Output 1/8”: +10dBV max (fixed or externally adjustable) *Headphone out: 300mW into 30 ohm *Sample rates: 44.1/48-88.2/96-176/192 . All +/- 10% *Max word length: 24bit * Frequency response: 10-20k +/- 0.2 dB (at 44.1kHz) *THD+N: -107 dB *Dynamic range: 119 dB weighted *Inter channel crosstalk: -125 dB *Power consumption: 5W max. *Power source: 6-14 V DC. International (90-240V) power adapter included