Fender - Nocaster® pickups

Fender - Nocaster® pickups


Codice Art.: 39974
Marca: Fender

Redesigned to sound just like the original, the fender® nocaster pickup is true to its heritage. the flush mounted alnico 3 magnets, enamel coated magnet wire and a zinc shielding plate help to recreate the real deal with great tele twang and smooth midrange that only the famous fender custom shop can reproduce. the neck pickup is the perfect companion to the 'nocaster' bridge pickup with its nickel-silver cover and classic warmth. oem on many custom shop nocasters and telecasters. available in black (bridge) and nickel (neck) only.
Scheda tecnica:
Specifications: nocaster bridge: dc resistance: 7.72k inductance: 3.7 henries nocaster neck: dc resistance: 7.9k inductance: 2.35 henries alnico 3 magnets enamel coated magnet wire zinc shielding plate