TL Audio - Ebony - A2 Tube Stereo Processor

TL Audio - Ebony - A2 Tube Stereo Processor


Codice Art.: 405639
Marca: TL Audio
Serie: Ebony

New from TL Audio, The Ebony Series is a sleek looking range of discrete Class A processors designed to heighten your audio experience. The range consists of 3 units, all of which use Discrete Class A circuitry and have an optional tube stage with variable drive putting you in control of how ‘creamy?or how ‘cool?your unit sounds. Hand assembled in England to the highest standards, the Ebony uses stylish, quality chrome knobs together with a high gloss black finish to make the exterior look just as smooth as the circuits sound. The Ebony Series have all the features you come to expect with TL Audio, including balanced I/O, multi input options, analogue VU metering and intuitive, precise controls. All units are also compatible with the TL Audio DO-2 digital SPDIF interface for easy digital connectivity with high quality conversion. A combination of supreme quality, unrivalled sound and stylish aesthetics - this range offers superior analogue processing to accompany a digital world.