Headway - EDB-1 Preamplificatore Acustico
Headway - EDB-1 Preamplificatore Acustico

Headway - EDB-1 Preamplificatore Acustico

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Marca: Headway

The EDB1 (Sheer Acoustic Equaliser Direct Blend) is a mega multi-purpose and compact external pre-amplifier box of pro-audio quality. You can completely shape your sound with its five band interactive EQ, switchable input impedance and three way Range Switch, offering acoustic Guitar, Bass or Violin settings, which cut unwanted low end tones, below the useable frequency range of the instrument. This cuts body handling noise, unwanted resonaces, feedback and Violin bowing noise. Feedback and other resonance problems may be further tackled by a very effective, broad ranging tunable notch filter and a Phase Reverse control.