Hiwatt - Tube Phaser
Hiwatt - Tube Phaser

Hiwatt - Tube Phaser

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Codice Art.: 445148
Marca: Hiwatt

This one needs practice, and if you get it right, it'll give an edge to your sound that is both subtle and unique. All a phaser does is shift the tone in and out of phase: the depth dictates the ammount of shift, the speed how quickly, and the master delivers the ammount the output fro the tube as a pre-amp. Hard work and patience with this guy will actually deliver some stunning rewards.

* 1/4 jack input/output sockets

* 18v pwer supply socket

* Speed, Depth and master controls

* Solid metal construction

Dimentions: 140 - 130 - 70 (Wx Dx H) mm

Weight: 0.8kg