Eigenlabs - Eigenharp Pico Silver

Eigenlabs - Eigenharp Pico Silver


Codice Art.: 464842
Marca: Eigenlabs

The ultra-versatile Pico is simple to use and anyone can play it. Light and portable, it packs a powerhouse of features. Use it to play solo, play and record loops, change scale and key, transpose, alter tempo, program beats, create arrangements, switch and layer multiple sounds, all while playing live. It's ideal as a solo instrument or for playing in a band.

With 18 playing keys and 4 mode keys, a strip controller and breath pipe, the smaller Pico has the majority of the playing features of the Eigenharp Alpha. It plays an unlimited range of sounds and is available in three finishes. The Eigenharp Pico, with its ease of playing and transformational approach to learning scales and music theory, represents a new and easier way to learn to play a musical instrument. The Pico gives you freedom to express your creativity through improvisation like no other electronic instrument in existence.

The Pico requires a Mac or Windows 7 computer to run.