Golden Age Project - R1 Tube Active
Golden Age Project - R1 Tube Active

Golden Age Project - R1 Tube Active

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Codice Art.: 466672
Marca: Golden Age Project

The R 1 TUBE ACTIVE is like a missing link of true old-school vintage recording in that it combines three vintage elements: -A classic ribbon transducer.-Two transformers.-A tube buffer amplifier.You might think that a ribbon, transformers and a tube amplifying stage will make the signal too smooth? Its true that the sound of the R1 Tube Active is truly warm and fat, but the combination of the tube stage and the transformers will generate overtones that makes the signal come alive.If you are into mics, if instant no-need-to-mix good-sounding recording is your thing, if you are looking for a unique yet versatile mic, this is it!