Jet City - Pico Valve
Jet City - Pico Valve

Jet City - Pico Valve

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Codice Art.: 469973
Marca: Jet City

Designed by Andy Marshall and licensed by THD Electronics, PicoValve is a compact, low-wattage tone machine. With dual 12AX7s shaping the preamp voicing, and a single 6L6 in the power section, this caged monster is the real deal. From touch-sensitive and punchy cleans, to beefy, heavey Rock tones, the Pico Valve will get you the tone you want without tearing the paint off the walls. What’s more, you can custom-tailor your Pico by swapping the power tube with nearly any octal-based tube, and there’s no re-biasing necessary. Looking to complete the package? The Pico mates perfectly with the JCA12XS for a handsome and compact micro-stack.