Ampeg - Pro series - [SVT8 PRO] Testata per basso

Ampeg - Pro series - [SVT8 PRO] Testata per basso

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Codice Art.: 470914
Marca: Ampeg
Serie: Pro series

When only the best will do, turn to the SVT-8PRO for ultimate power and massive Ampeg tone. The SVT-8PRO combines our vintage SVP-CL preamp with a 2500-Watt Solid-State power amp for Earth-shaking bass that just won’t quit. Loaded with professional features throughout, the SVT-8PRO was designed for the most demanding player and the most demanding of gigs. An outstanding feature, unique to the SVT-8PRO, is its power reduction circuitry, which allows players to dial in classic SVT overdriven tones at any volume level. This means you can get all the crunch and grind of an SVT pushed to the limit, but at a volume level that won’t set off local seismic detectors.
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