Vox - Tonelab EX

Vox - Tonelab EX


Codice Art.: 474544
Marca: Vox

Announcing the new ToneLab EX – the powerful Valvetronix modeling multi-effect pedal, enhanced for live performance Product Highlights: * Highly acclaimed VOX Valvetronix technology provides spot-on amp/effect modeling * Powerful Valve Reactor circuit features a real 12AX7 vacuum tube for true-tube tone * 200 Ready-to-use and instantly available Programs, all professionally programmed • 100 User Programs (25 Banks; Four programs per bank) • 100 Preset Programs (25 Banks; Four programs per bank) • Includes 50 Song Presets that recreate the guitar sound used on well-known songs * 33 Expertly voiced amp models cover rare, vintage, boutique, and coveted amps, plus much more * 11 Cabinet models perfectly mimic the original’s depth and tone; mix and match with any amp model * 45 Premium quality effects; use up to nine at once (including noise reduction and expression pedal) • 11 Stand-alone distortion pedals (use in place of an amp model) • 15 Pedal effects (divided between Pedal 1 & Pedal 2) • 11 Modulation effects • 4 Delay types including Tap Tempo delay • 3 Reverb types • 1 Noise reduction effect * Normal/Strobe chromatic tuner with high-visibility LED display; easy to see on stage * Stereo monitor speakers allow backstage tweaking, editing and rehearsing - no additional gear required! * Full size VOX expression pedal provides stable pedal control during live performances. * Intuitive panel design places the amp head and stomp-box effects at your feet for comfortable control * Completely independent editing sections for the amp and effects allows for simple editing * Amp/Line output switch provides optimal sound through any amp or system: • Amp Mode has settings for connecting directly to a VOX, F, or M guitar amplifier • Line Mode provides a three-band Total Equalizer to control the tone * AUX IN is provided for jamming along to your favorite tunes via CD, MP3, etc. * USB port provides a single-cable audio connection to your computer’s digital recording software