Hughes & Kettner - Cassa per chitarra Warp T

Hughes & Kettner - Cassa per chitarra Warp T


Codice Art.: 479055
Marca: Hughes & Kettner

The WARP T™ is the ultimate tube-driven weapon in your Nu Metal arsenal. With the WARP T™ half-stack, you have satisfied your wish for more bottom end beef and all but inexhaustible high-gain reserves. Hearing is believing: Simply plug that tube head into the 4 x 12” cabinet and stand back.
Scheda tecnica:
Channels Clean, Warp
Power 120 Watts
Poweramp 4x 6L6
Preamp 4x 12AX7
MIDI optional MSM1
Footswitch/Stageboard FS-2
Speaker Outputs 1x4 Ohms, 1x8/2x16 Ohms, 1x16 Ohms
Suggested Speaker Cabinet WARP T Box
Dimensions 650 x 250 x 250 mm
Weight 20 kg/45 lbs