Seymour Duncan -  [11205-22-w] SL59-1 Little '59 Humbucker Strat Pickup - White

Seymour Duncan - [11205-22-w] SL59-1 Little '59 Humbucker Strat Pickup - White

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Codice Art.: 480525
Marca: Seymour Duncan

Da puoi trovare il pickup della Seymour Duncan SL59-1 little 59'.With the SL59-1 Little '59, Seymour Duncan lets Strat players add the classic P.A.F. humbucker sound to their tonal arsenal. The SL59-1 Little '59fits perfectly into existing single-coil Stratocaster pickguards with no need for modification. The resulting sound is the same humbucker tone that has made the P.A.F. the standard by which other humbuckers are judged. The polepieces are adjustable, allowing you to get your tone just right, as well as adjusting the balance from string to string. P.A.F. sound in a single-coil: the SL59-1 Little '59!
Scheda tecnica:
  • HumbuckerSingle-coil sized
  • Color: White
  • Bridge position
  • Twin-coil design
  • Adjustable pole pieces
  • P.A.F. sound in a single-coil-sized pickup
  • Smooth tone with even dynamic response
  • High output