Diago - Showman Pedal Board

Diago - Showman Pedal Board

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Codice Art.: 489195
Marca: Diago

A Diago Pedal Board is the most convenient way to organise, protect and transport your effects pedals. It combines a lightweight and roadworthy pedal board and hard case, making it ideal for transporting your gear between home, gigs and practices. It makes set-up and take-down quick and easy, and is great for storing your pedals at home, so that they can be neatly hidden away from your wife/mum/significant other.
Scheda tecnica:
- Internal Width: 750mm - 29½" - Internal Depth: 350mm - 13¾" - Internal Height: 85mm - 3¼" - How Many Boss Sized Pedals? 12/16 - Weight: 7kg - How much Velcro is included? 3m - 10ft