Fender - Tele-bration - Indiana Barn '52 Telecaster Maple White

Fender - Tele-bration - Indiana Barn '52 Telecaster Maple White

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Codice Art.: 494294
Marca: Fender
Serie: Tele-bration

This limited edition Tele was one of a very small handful of Telecasters in Fender's NAMM 2011 "Telebration". We've got one coming out of just a few worldwide! So you want a guitar with some history to it? Enter the Fender Indiana Barn '52 Telecaster. This Tele is made from pine wood that Fender salvaged from an incredible barn over 100 years old in Indiana. The pine on each guitar is then hand oiled. If that's not enough history for you Fender have loaded this telecaster with vintage spec: '62 Vintage pickups, medium jumbo frets and a three saddle bridge with brass barrels for superior tone. All together it's a vintage style tele that is steeped in history. Every time you pick it up you know that you are part of a lucky few to own this very limited edition historical guitar. Codice Fender: 0170145701