Hughes & Kettner - [TM18H] Tubemeister 18 Head
Hughes & Kettner - [TM18H] Tubemeister 18 Head

Hughes & Kettner - [TM18H] Tubemeister 18 Head


Codice Art.: 501833
Marca: Hughes & Kettner


For TubeMeister, Mr. Hughes and Herr Kettner packed all their know-how and over a quarter of a century‘s passion for tube amps into a remarkably compact chassis. Thanks to German engineering, it can go from a roar to a whisper, shaking the boards on stage, tingling spines in the studio, and raising goose-bumps in the still of night - even during silent recording.

Serving up three different sounds at the touch of a footswitch, the soulful Tube-Meister 18 is the go-to guitar amp for gigging. Its four-step power soak brings the sound of the big stage into small clubs and your own four walls. And courtesy of the built-in Red Box and silent recording capability, you can lay down pro-quality tracks at any time day or night.

Rock on Stage - Play at Home - Record at Night

Scheda tecnica:
18 Watts
Dimensioni: 356 x 156 x 150mm
Peso 5Kg.