Marshall - 50th Anniversary - [JMP1C] Combo 1970' 50th anniversary
Marshall - 50th Anniversary - [JMP1C] Combo 1970'  50th anniversary

Marshall - 50th Anniversary - [JMP1C] Combo 1970' 50th anniversary


Codice Art.: 516179
Marca: Marshall
Serie: 50th Anniversary

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, we are proud to announce the release of the JMP-1C 1 xl 0" combo & JMP-1H head. Two 1 Watt, all-valve amps that pay homage to the era of 1970's Marshall tone and aesthetics. This duo are the second in a series of five Limited Edition 1 Watt, all-valve head and combo pairings — each one paying homage to one of the five decades that Marshall has been in business. Following the JTM-1H and JTiv11-C. the second pairing out of the gate, already built and available now are our tribute to the Marshalls of the 1970s, the JMP-1H head and JMP-1C combo.
Scheda tecnica:
JMP1 Head & JMP1 Combo
Features of this stunning looking and sounding JMP-1 duo include:
  •  All-valve design: 2 x E0083 (aka 12AX7) pre-amp valves. 2 x ECC81 (aka 12AT7) power valves
  • True Class A. single-ended power-amp topology
  • Authentic JMP era tone
  • Controls for Volume. Bass and Treble
  • Low Power switch on the rear panel - a "neighbour friend,/ feature that drops the output down from 1 Watt to 0.1 Watt
  • Gain Boost switch on rear panel - This adds another valve stage to the signal path. giving your sound more gain.
  • Celestion 10" speaker in JMP-1C combo
  • 8 & 16 Ohm speaker outputs
  • Era correct cosmetics, including gold Marshall script logo plus Super Lead detail & styling
  • Commemorative 50th Anniversary rear panel plaque