Lp Latin Percussion - [LP359] GOJO BAG - Shaker

Lp Latin Percussion - [LP359] GOJO BAG - Shaker


Codice Art.: 518514
Marca: Lp Latin Percussion

Designed in collaboration with Stephen Perkins and Joey Klaparda, the LP Go-Jo Bag is the world's only mutable shaker. A basic rhythmic pulse is created by simply opening and closing your hand around the bag.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Put one in each hand and play them like maracas or shakers. Smack them together for a unique percussive sound.
  • Slide the bags like an Afuche or Cabasa or toss one or more in time
  • Bags can be attached to your hands while playing congas to enhance the rhythm
  • An adjustable strap makes the Gojo Bag a great tool for musical therapy