Marshall - 50th Anniversary - [JCM1C] Combo 1980' 50th anniversary
Marshall - 50th Anniversary - [JCM1C] Combo 1980'  50th anniversary

Marshall - 50th Anniversary - [JCM1C] Combo 1980' 50th anniversary

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Codice Art.: 522250
Marca: Marshall
Serie: 50th Anniversary

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, we are proud to announce the release of the JCM-1C lx1 0" combo &JCM-1H head. Two 1 Watt, all-valve amps that pay homage to the era of 1980's Marshall tone and aesthetics. This duo are the third in a series of five Limited Edition 1 Watt, all-valve head and combo pairings - each one paying homage to one of the five decades that Marshall has been in business.
Following the JTM1 and JMP1 heads and combos, this third pair are available now at your local Marshall dealer. The JCM-1C and JCM-1H are, of course, our definitive tribute to the MarshaIls of the 1980s and as with all other 50th Anniversary 1 watt amplifiers, will only be made in 2012.
Scheda tecnica:
JCM1 Head & JCM1 Combo
Features of this stunning looking and sounding JCM-1 duo include:
  • All-valve design: 2 x ECM (aka 12AX7) pre-amp valves. 1 x ECC82 (aka 12AU7) power valves
  • Authentic JCM800 tone
  • Boost Switch - Adds more gain and provides tone character from another definitive '80s' Marshall: the Marshall 2555
  • Controls for Pre-amp Volume. Master Volume, Bass. Middle and Treble
  • Low Power switch on the rear panel - a "neighbour friendly" feature that drops the output down from 1 Watt to 0.1 Watt
  • Celestion 10" speaker in 3CM-1C combo
  • 8 & 16 Ohm speaker outputs • Era correct cosmetics, including white Marshall script logo plus JCM800 detail & styling
  • Commemorative 50th Anniversary rear panel plaque