Fender - Tele-bration - Telecaster Empress Vintage White Maple [0170143741]

Fender - Tele-bration - Telecaster Empress Vintage White Maple [0170143741]

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Codice Art.: 522789
Marca: Fender
Serie: Tele-bration

On its 1951 introduction, the Telecaster was a revolutionary instrument that would usher in whole new eras of musical innovation and excitement. Sixty years later, in 2011, it is an archetypal electric guitar with a long and storied history. The rich history of Fender guitars begins with the Telecaster, and we’re celebrating its 60th anniversary all year with 12 very special “Tele-bration” models that stay inside the Telecaster’s famously elegant lines while offering the finest and most unusual takes on the instrument’s past, present and future.

Ancient mythology holds that the fabled Phoenix bird will only land amid the branches of the Empress tree when a good ruler is in power. Lightweight Empress wood has long been used in the Far East for traditional stringed instruments (such as the Japanese koto and Korean gayageum zithers). The tree eventually found its way to the Southeastern United States, from which comes this amazing new super-lightweight Telecaster model.