Red Witch - Empress chorus
Red Witch - Empress chorus

Red Witch - Empress chorus

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Codice Art.: 52696
Marca: Red Witch

Not just any ordinary analog chorus/vibe pedal.........born of the same stock as the red witch medusa chorus-trem , the empress offers unparalleled chorus options. an infinite number of analog chorus/vibe devices in one box...her most enticing feature is the unique voicing control; this dial allows you to access virtually any chorus sound you could desire! it changes the delay time - it's on a pot so you've got an infinite number of chorus pedals in one box - from super spanky sparkling clean to noisy, sea sick inducing, pitch bending wobble. delay time determines a big part of any chorus units tone/flavour/sound - short delay creates a very pristine, airy chorus whereas longer delay time gives more ‘wobble' and ‘throb'. unfortunately virtually all devices available only have one fixed delay setting - or at most a choice of two.....we've designed a circuit that lets you adjust the delay time via a potentiometer - from one extreme to the other and everything in between. in it's most extreme settings the device will produce some hiss - this would be expected within the last third of the voicing controls sweep.