Voodoo Pickups - Pickup voodoo humbuckers '59

Voodoo Pickups - Pickup voodoo humbuckers '59


Codice Art.: 52894
Marca: Voodoo Pickups

There are certain things that make a great sounding old pickup, wire, magnets and some unqualified essence. this model really sounds and feels like a '50's pickup.the resistance is 7.85k to 8.1k . they are made with a alnico 3 or an alnico 5 magnets.the neck position with an alnico #3 magnet is able to get that low heat distortion and keep note clarity at the same time ,it has that clapton neck position sound. the lead position has that classic top end articulation and low's that have a "cello" quality when you use the #5 magnet in that position .the perfect set seems to be the 7.9 in the neck with an alnico 3 magnet and the 8.1 in the bridge position with an alnico 5 . alnico 3 or alnico 5 with nickel covers new or aged