Headway - [242012] HE4/G.FEQ  AC. GUITAR PICKUP

Headway - [242012] HE4/G.FEQ AC. GUITAR PICKUP

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Marca: Headway

Acoustic Guitar (Steel Strung) Pickup

The HE4/G.FEQ is Headway's High-End Complete active under-saddle pick-up system with instrument-specific fixed EQ. Each Headway system utilises interactive "Baxandall" designs for a more natural and musical response than graphic EQ. In other words, the sound profile is tailored to the instrument. The pick-up requires professional installation and Headway would be happy to recommend a luthier near to you. Once it is installed, you can plug in and get the best sound currently on the market for your instrument. Potentially destructive plugging-in noise is reduced by the "slow power-on" circuit. All Headway pick-ups are made with tight tolerance audio components to maximise product life. HE4 pick-ups are individually tested and assigned a serial number for guarantee purposes.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Complete High-End Active pick-up system
  • Flexible piezo cable pick-up
  • Class 'A', all-discrete components
  • Two FET phases
  • Leather/Velcro battery bag
  • Instrument-specific Fixed EQ