Hughes & Kettner - Ampli Combo per Chitarra Edition Blue 30-R

Hughes & Kettner - Ampli Combo per Chitarra Edition Blue 30-R


Codice Art.: 553917
Marca: Hughes & Kettner

Be it a pre-gig warm-up, living-room practice session, or an impromptu jam with a small line-up, our endorsers reach for Edition Blue combos first. And so do scores of other players who appreciate solid-state convenience paired with responsive performance. Handling is an exercise in simplicity, and the fully analog signal path delivers tone so satisfying it will have you looking for the tubes. If you like to ride the guitar’s volume knob and make the most of different pickup models, you’ll love these combos’ nuanced response. And the DFX models’ quality digital FX put the icing on what’s already a sweet sonic treat.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Channels    Clean, Lead
  • Power    30 Watts
  • Poweramp    Current Feedback Technology for warm tube-like tone
  • Effects    Accutronics Spring Reverb
  • Effects Loop    serial
  • Footswitch/Stageboard    optional FS-1
  • Switching Functions    Lead
  • Special Features    3-Band EQ, CD-Player Input, Headphones Out, blue-lit panel
  • Headphones    Yes
  • CD-Input    Yes
  • Line Out    Yes
  • Speakers    1x10''
  • Dimensions    440 x 410 x 220 mm
  • Weight    10 kg/22 lbs
  • Mains Fuse 100 Volt-Version    T 630 mA
  • Mains Fuse 120 Volt-Version    T 630 mA
  • Mains Fuse 220-230 Volt-Version    T 315 mA
  • Mains Fuse 240 Volt-Version    T 315 mA