Schertler - [UNICO CLASSIC WOOD] Amplificatore per Strumenti acustici

Schertler - [UNICO CLASSIC WOOD] Amplificatore per Strumenti acustici

750,00 €


Codice Art.: 562363
Marca: Schertler

UNICO Classic is a perfect compact performance companion. Equipped with a 1” dome tweeter and 8” woofer, it offers 200W of bi-amplified power.

UNICO has 3 independent input channels (MIC, DYN and STAT) for connecting a variety of microphones and instruments. A Gain control on each channel enables precise input level control. Phantom power is available on all input channels (48V on MIC and 10V on DYN/STAT). 3 output lines provide multiple options for connecting to mixers, active loudspeakers (for example a subwoofer), or other external devices. DYN and STAT channels are equipped with a 3-band EQ, while the MIC channel offers a 4-band option for more demanding requirements. A resonance filter helps reduce low frequency feedback.  

UNICO Classic has a high quality built-in spring reverb with individual level controls on each channel, in addition to a Master setting.

An external dynamics processor (such as a compressor) can also be connected via the Master section Insert.

Unico is available in Wood and Grey finish.