Kamoa - [E3-GC] Ukulele Grand Concert E3 series Natural

Kamoa - [E3-GC] Ukulele Grand Concert E3 series Natural


Codice Art.: 567321
Marca: Kamoa

The Kamoa E Series all solid wood (E3) is another milestone for affordable high quality ukuleles. Each E3 is professionally built and final setup to our exacting standards for easy playability and crystal clear string articulation. Crafted with 100% solid woods Maple (back sides) Select Spruce (Sound boards) Available in 3 transparent colors

Grand Concert: The grand concert is a longer string length than the concert and shorter than the Tenor. This specialty size (full dreadnaught shape 14 frets to body) has a big bottom end and maintains the sweet treble that is the spirit of the ukulele.