Meinl - [SUB20] Surdo Bahia Alluminio 20X16

Meinl - [SUB20] Surdo Bahia Alluminio 20X16


Codice Art.: 571323
Marca: Meinl

Bahia Surdo (Patented) 20" x 16"

Our Bahia Surdos celebrate the music from the North East of Brazil with warm-sounding shells. The three sizes offer the classic high-low fundos and a higher pitched third surdo. Each surdo is cut shorter than its Rio counterpart, and typically worn much lower on a belt or mounted on a multi Surdo set up.

Scheda tecnica:
  • 10 tuning lugs
  • Chrome plated hardware
  • Counter sunk bolt heads
  • Two head options
  • Logo applied from underneath the head (CN, US patent)
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Includes: Tuning Keys
  • Size: 20"