Mapex - [ARST4551CEB] Armory Tomahawk Rullante in acciaio 14x5,5

Mapex - [ARST4551CEB] Armory Tomahawk Rullante in acciaio 14x5,5


Codice Art.: 582775
Marca: Mapex

Made with a 1mm stainless steel shell, The Tomahawk has penetrating accuracy and long range projection. The focused power of its rimshot is devastating.

The Stainless Steel Shell with Rounded 45 Degree bearing edge delivers a focused brightness with plenty of volume.
The SONIClear(TM) Bearing Edge (standard on all Armory wood shell models) allows all drumheads to sit flat and tune effortlessly and respond with a stronger fundamental pitch.
The precision tooled solid steel Armory Tube Lugs deliver greater tuning accuracy and shell stability while giving the drum an elegant yet modern appearance.

Scheda tecnica:

  •     14"x5.5"
  •     1.0mm Steel
  •     Rounded 45 Degree
  •     Bright, Focused and Loud
  •     Black Chrome Finish
  •     Chrome
  •     Piston Strainer with Vertical Throw-Off