Meinl - [B20VPLR] Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride 20
Meinl - [B20VPLR] Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride 20

Meinl - [B20VPLR] Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride 20


Codice Art.: 594457
Marca: Meinl

The lighter version of the Vintage Pure Ride comes up with an outstanding dry stick response with hints of trash and darkness underneath. They have a distinctive raw and earthy look.

Byzance Vintage Pure cymbals are created by a process in which the metal becomes very flexible. While this character gives them a unique response, slight deformations may occur at the cymbals edge. Such changes are within the accepted standards of this cymbal and will not affect the sound. Therefore, slight deformations at the edge are not covered by the warranty. 
Scheda tecnica:
Style Pop, Fusion, Jazz, Funk, RNB, Reggae, Studio, World, Electro
Timbre Dark
Character Vintage, Dry
Pitch Low
Volume Medium to Low
Sustain Short
Weight Medium thin
Finish Dark, Raw
Material B20
Lathe None