Sonor - [SSE 14] Martini Gold Galaxy Sparkle

Sonor - [SSE 14] Martini Gold Galaxy Sparkle


Codice Art.: 595116
Marca: Sonor

The Martini shell set offered by Sonor is a cocktail set of a different species. Based on the Safari and Bop kits, the Martini features even smaller and more compact shell sizes with an ultra- small bass drum 14"x12", a Tom 8"x8" a floor tom 13"x10" and a snare that measures 12"x5".  
Limitless Possibilities and a Flashy Finish  
There are barely any limitations, as the Martini Kit can be setup pretty much anywhere. It is suited for the stage, the practice room or even the studio. Its small size and flexibility also makes it a great practice set for children. It is also extremely portable, unbelievably light weight and is setup and disassembled in no time, making it the perfect instrument for street performers. Where the unconventional setup fails to impress, the beautiful finish in Turquoise Galaxy Sparkle is sure to pick up the slack. A lasting first impression is guaranteed!  
Warm Sound and Sophisticated Hardware  
The shells of the Martini drum-sets consist of 9 layers of selected poplar wood which is cross laminated for sound optimization, creating a thickness of 7.2mm and providing additional stability. Triple flanged steel hoops, chrome shell hardware and Sonors proven TuneSafe provide a secure and consistent tuning for a first class sound. Regardless of the small shell size they produce a warm sound with unexpectedly convincing resonance. The BassDrum is setup with the included riser and is equipped with maple hoops which give the sound additional warmth and power. A single tom mount with a comfortable ball-joint is also included in the set.
Scheda tecnica:
Shell Materials: 9-ply Poplar 
Shell Thickness: 7.2 mm 
1.6 mm Steel hoops 
Chrome shell hardware 
Floor tom legs 
TuneSafe lugs 
Incl. Tom mount with Prism clamps 
Heads: Remo UX coated single-ply/ clear Reso 
BassDrum maple hoops 
Foil finish 
Colour: Gold Galaxy Sparkle