SM Pro Audio - [XPH4] Amplificatore Cuffie 4 uscite
SM Pro Audio - [XPH4] Amplificatore Cuffie 4 uscite

SM Pro Audio - [XPH4] Amplificatore Cuffie 4 uscite

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Codice Art.: 595769
Marca: SM Pro Audio

Conveniently powered from DC adaptor (optional accessory, not included), and housed in a hardened steel chassis, this robust little beast features 4 high-powered independently controllable headphone amplifiers. A handy Stereo/Mono switch is also provided to for use when required.

How many times have you wanted to listen to the mix through a pair of headphones at the same time as someone else but there were none left? Time to get a multi-channel headphone amplifier.

All studios require a flexible headphone amplifier to satisfy a multitude of monitoring needs. Sometimes you will need to distribute a stereo signal evenly to 4 sets of headphones. On other occasions, totally different mixes are required on each headphone.

The XPH4 gives you an a very flexible affordable solution to take care of all your headphone monitoring needs.
Scheda tecnica:
Input Connectors: stereo 3.5mm mini TRS and RCA
Max gain: 19dB/Channel
Input Impedance: 100K unbalanced
S/N ratio: > 98dB
Max input level : + 22 dB
Power: 12-18V DC adapter (optional accessory, not included)
Output connectors: 1/4” stereo TRS phone
Size: 88 x 54 x 38 mm
Output impedance: Minimum 10 ohms each output