Remo - [FA-0512-00] Pelle W.K.Snare12

Remo - [FA-0512-00] Pelle W.K.Snare12


Codice Art.: 595959
Marca: Remo

The Fiberskyn® 3 Ambassadors® are medium-weight heads made with a poly-spun fiber single ply 10 mil Mylar® film to produce a warm mid range resonant sound with a warm attack. The Fiberskyn 3 Ambassador surface is excellent for sticks, brushes. F3 Ambassador heads produce a warm spectrum of sound for snares and tom-toms. They are best known for Jazz and Orchestral applications.
Scheda tecnica:
Name Remo 12" Fiberskyn 3 Ambassador Head
Brand Remo
Model # FA-0512-00
Sold By each
Diameter 12"
Series Fiberskyn 3 Ambassador
Material Plastic
Color Tan
Surface Type Synthetic Skin
Drum Head Type Top (Batter), Bottom (Resonant)
Thickness 10mm
Number of Plies 1
Collar Type Open Channel