Lp Latin Percussion - [WB239] Natural Case 18 Tunable

Lp Latin Percussion - [WB239] Natural Case 18 Tunable

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Marca: Lp Latin Percussion

The bodhran (pronounced "bow-rawn") is a popular Irish frame drum that, for most of its history, served as a lowly husk sifter: that is, a pan used to shake the husks off grains. Gaelic peasants first converted the sifter to a musical instrument by replacing its wire mesh head with stretched goat skin.The heart of traditional Irish music 
Although the bodhran is the heart of traditional Irish music performed today, it was only as recent as the 1960's that it could be found outside southwestern Ireland. A bodhran is played by tucking the drum between the left arm and the chest, as the right hand beats the skin with a double-headed stick called a beater, tipper, or cipin (the Gaelic word for kindling).