Lp Latin Percussion - [LP193] Click Hi-Hat Tambourine

Lp Latin Percussion - [LP193] Click Hi-Hat Tambourine


Codice Art.: 597765
Marca: Lp Latin Percussion

Innovative tambourine can be instantly muted without removing it from the hi-hat stand.
Latin Percussion is proud to announce the Click Hi-Hat Tambourine (LP193), an innovative add-on that allows players to mute the jingles quickly, with a simple click of the patent-pending over sized button on the top of the tambourine. Featuring a durable plastic frame crafted from Jenigor, LP’s exclusive plastic formulation, as well as eight pairs of crisp-sounding nickel-plated steel jingles, the Click Hi-Hat Tambourine easily mounts to the pull rod of a hi-hat stand. When muted and struck, the tambourine creates a quick, trashy sound effect.
Scheda tecnica:
Hi-hat mountable tambourine with LP-exclusive muting feature
Easily mute jingles with a simple “click”
Striking the tambourine while muted creates a quick, trashy sound effect
8 pairs of nickel plated steel jingles for bright, high-projecting sound
Equipped with wink screw for proper height adjustment
Durable ABS plastic construction
Patent pending