Medeli - DD504D Set Batteria Elettronica

Medeli - DD504D Set Batteria Elettronica


Codice Art.: 603985
Marca: Medeli


Kit batteria elettronica Medeli DD504D

With 335 beautiful drum voices and 35 kits, dual zone snare pads and crash cymbals with impeccable choke, aspiring drummers are able to express themselves with all there is on a DD504D. The operation is especially designed for users who have no tolerance for fuss and perfect for drummers who are just starting out.

The touch of the drum pads is specifically designed to provide an authentic feel.  The dual zone snare drums provide the rim shot as well as the standard snare sound. The DD504D module is equipped with outstanding drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. There are 24 preset kits for easy of use, in addition to the 11 user kits available for drummers to group their favorite sound together. With a headphone jack, 60 preset songs, and a learning program, DD504D is a great learning tool. Once ready, connect it to a portable music device through aux in and plug in the amplifier through line out, you can blast your beats away with your favorite band.

Great sound quality and great drum pads, DD504D provides all you need for a basic drum.
Scheda tecnica:
  • 3 Tom
  • 1 Rullante  (2-zone)
  • 1 Crash con Choke
  • 1 Ride con Choke
  • 1 Hi-Hat
  • 1 Controllo HH  (tipo a switch)
  • 1 Trigger Cassa