Synthesis - [ROMA 79DC] Tube phono stage MM-MC - Wood

Synthesis - [ROMA 79DC] Tube phono stage MM-MC - Wood

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Codice Art.: 605964
Marca: Synthesis

Synthesis Introduces a new, superior approach to tubes amplifier design. ROMA series has been created to breathe life into the melodious weft of the fabric of music, in all its nuances, making the listening experience an extraordinarily moving event. Created by those obsessed with great sound and for those who love great music.

The all important component of this line stage comprises of two ECC83/12AX7 and one ECC82/12AU7 that are run by a multi stage fully regulated power supply.

To back this up the design has an over size shielded power transformer for reduce the interference. An array high grade metalized polipropilene capacitors controlling the audio signal circuits. The MM input stage uses a low noise JFet with a separate regulated power supply with extensive filtering for reducing the interference and noise. Using an ECC82/12AU7 tube on the output stage, gives this unit a very low output impedance without losing signal.

The Roma79DC has easily selectable capacitors (MM) and impedances (MC) for cartridges by a front mounted knob selector which is also shown on the front LCD display.