Music Man - BH500 Testata per Basso

Music Man - BH500 Testata per Basso


Codice Art.: 607374
Marca: Music Man


The BH 500's solid-state preamp has a warm and natural sound, and faithfully reproduces the true tone of your instrument, thanks to the complete and effective 5 band EQ section you can have a wide range of tones, allowing instant access to two different EQ settings as it’s footswitchable—a very useful feature for live applications. The 500-watt analog power amp supplies great attack and definition with impeccable bass frequency reproduction.

The BH 500 respects the seventhy design adding the benefit of new modern standard, with a long term reliability thanks to our advanced production procedures, state-of the-art testing, quality control facilities and top-quality components.

In addition to the great tone the BH 500 has an incredible lightweight package: only 13.66 lbs /6.2 Kg

Scheda tecnica:
  • Preamp: Solid State
  • Power amp: Solid State
  • Power Output: 500W@4ohm | 300W@8ohm
  • Controls: Gain - Volume
  • EQ: Treble - Bass
  • 5 Band Equalizer (footswitchable) - Level: ±16 dB:
  • 67Hz, 184Hz, 520Hz, 1,4KHz, 3.8KHz
  • Other features:
    • XLR Line Out with Pre/Post EQ and GND Lift switches
    • FX Send/Return - Tuner Out
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 11.97" / 30.4 cm | 18" / 45.7 cm | 11.97" / 30.4 cm
  • Weight: 13.66 lbs /6.2 Kg