D.W. - 9000 - DW [CP9000PB] PEDALE SINGOLO 9000 mod 2013
D.W. - 9000 - DW [CP9000PB] PEDALE SINGOLO 9000 mod 2013

D.W. - 9000 - DW [CP9000PB] PEDALE SINGOLO 9000 mod 2013

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Codice Art.: 612309
Marca: D.W.
Serie: 9000

Il pedale singolo della DW serie 9000 è appena arrivato nello shop online di emporiomusicale.it. Scoprilo qui o in negozio.
With DW's 9000 kick drum pedal, you get all the things that made the 9000 Series so popular among drummers worldwide, plus new goodies such as DW's Tri-Pivot toe clamp system, a non-slip rubber grip base plate, and the new EZ Adjust cam that lets you morph between Accelerator and Turbo drive. You can also switch between chain drive and the included nylon strap. Packed with premium features such as a free-floating rotor-drive system and rotating swivel spring, here's a bass drum pedal you can customize to fit you like a glove: the DW 9000.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Single kick pedal
  • Universal assemblies in-house from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Switch from Accelerator to Turbo drive or anywhere in between
  • Chain drive or Nylon strap (strap included)
  • Tri-Pivot toe clamp system
  • EZ Adjust cam
  • Non-slip rubber grip base plate
  • Free-floating rotor-drive system
  • Infinitely adjustable cam