Dunlop - Mxr - [M151] Doubleshot Distortion

Dunlop - Mxr - [M151] Doubleshot Distortion


Codice Art.: 61424
Marca: Dunlop
Serie: Mxr

With two distinct channels, huge output, and incredibly quiet operation, this pedal redefines what a distortion box should be. Dial in blues-approved grind or thick, old-school lead tones on one side. Then, with the touch of a button, call up bottom-heavy modern metal sounds or radically-EQ’ed future fuzz. But the options don’t stop there. Independent gain and EQ controls give you complete control over both sides of this pedal’s split personality. You can set up the Double-Shot to go from an in-the-pocket chord part to an over-the-top lead line. Or toggle between two unique solo tones. Or switch between two drastically different rhythm tones. Get all your gain from the pedal or use its massive output to get screaming overdrive from your amp. And no matter how dirty you run the Double-Shot, all the subtle details and dynamics of your playing will come through. If you can imagine it, the Double-Shot can make it a reality—a gloriously distorted reality.