Lp Latin Percussion - [LPA165] ASPIRE CLAVE

Lp Latin Percussion - [LPA165] ASPIRE CLAVE

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Codice Art.: 630822
Marca: Lp Latin Percussion


LP Aspire Clave by Latin percussion. "Clave" is the rhythmic pattern that forms the basis of Latin music. Clave is phrased in what is known as a 3/2 (forward clave) or 2/3 (reverse clave) feel. That is, three beats then two beats or two beats then three beats. Claves are the traditional instruments used to play clave and are comprised of two sticks that are struck together to get a sharp, cracking sound.

Scheda tecnica:
  •   Traditional style white wood clave with an attractive finish
  •     Exceptionally resonant with variable sound qualities