Gretsch - BK-J403V-SCM BROADKASTER, Batteria acustica vintage style

Gretsch - BK-J403V-SCM BROADKASTER, Batteria acustica vintage style

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Marca: Gretsch


BK-R423-SCP BROADKASTER, Batteria acustica vintage style

La bellissima serie Broadkaster si affaccia sulle batterie anni 50 con la tecnica e la conoscenza dei materiali di oggi. Cosi nasce la serie Broadkaster.Today, in the Gretsch Drum Factory in Ridgeland, South Carolina, USA, Gretsch is recreating its storied three-ply shell with an all-new Broadkaster drum series. The application of advanced drum-making techniques to the 1950s-era three-ply shell has resulted in a modern-day version of a drum that recreates the sonic brilliance and ?That Great Gretsch Sound? of the original Broadkasters.The Broadkaster shells are made one-by-one using maple/poplar/maple wood (all North American) without reinforcement hoops. Each shell includes an interior-ply scarf joint that supplies added structural integrity to thin, musical shells.Like all USA-made Gretsch drums, shell interiors are finished with classic Gretsch Silver Sealer.
Scheda tecnica:
  • Model # BK-R423-SCP
  • Bass Drum Size 22x14
  • Tom Sizes 12x8, 16x16
  • Color/Finish Satin Copper Lacquer
  • Configuration 3 Piece
  • Shell Type Maple/Poplar
  • Shell Construction Ply
  • Ply 3
  • Condition New
  • Manufacturer Gretsch