Dunlop - DUNLOP 285 PREACHIN' PIPE Per slide

Dunlop - DUNLOP 285 PREACHIN' PIPE Per slide

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Codice Art.: 634998
Marca: Dunlop


Eric Sardinas' Preachin' Pipe per slide by Dunlop

Pipa per slide guitar di dimensioni larghe,Eric Sardinas' Preachin' signatureThe Preachin' Pipe is an authentic representation of maverick bluesman Eric Sardinas' own handmade slide. Sculpted by thousands of live shows, it has a fast, tapered shape from years of blazing across the strings of a sweat-soaked Dobro. Now you can experience the custom, fluid feel of the Pipe without spending a lifetime on roadhouse stages. Dunlop has faithfully recreated Sardinas' secret weapon with this finely machined piece of brass. From the perfectly thinned playing surface to the flared, weighted end, this slide is the real deal.