Schatten Design - Hfn-s2
Schatten Design - Hfn-s2

Schatten Design - Hfn-s2

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Codice Art.: 106633
Marca: Schatten Design

The s-2 series of pickups is compatible with virtually all selmer style instruments. while we were at it, we made the installation of the pickup quick and easy (even in the petite bouche). we've utilized this cutaway of a selmer soundboard to show the placement of the hfn-s2 pickup. the pickup mounts on the two large transverse braces that form the main structure of the bridge box. the pickup is held securely in place with our special mounting putty. this mounting is quick and very secure. the pickup may be removed easily however, at any time should you want to move it to a different instrument. installation is quick and simple and takes about 20 minutes. the only hole that you need to drill is for the endpin jack or endpin jack preamp. all hfn's come fully wired, complete and ready to install. the artist models also include a self adhesive velcro mount cordura nylon battery bag. neat and tidy.